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Larry Ashton
Hugo Napier
Hugo Napier as Larry Ashton
General Hospital
Portrayed by Hugo Napier
Duration 1988-1989 & 1991-1992
First appearance Unknown date, 1988
Last appearance Unknown dated, 1992
Cause/reason Left town
Created by Ann Marcus
Norma Monty
Gender Male
Occupation Unemployed
Residence London, England

Lawrence "Larry" Ashton is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.

Actor History:Edit

  • Hugo Napier (1988-1989 & 1991-1992)

Character History:Edit

Lawrence "Larry" Ashton married Tracy Quartermaine when they were young and Tracy soon gave birth to their son Edward "Ned" Lawrence Ashton. After Larry and Ned divorced, Tracy got custody of Ned and Larry had nothing to do with his son.

Larry came to town with his second wife, Arielle Gastineau Ashton. They came in on their yacht and deeply in debt. They were in search of the Dragon Bone, a key to unlock an ancient Chinese Civilization. Tracy Quartermaine blackmailed Larry into giving her and Ned a share of the treasure if he found it. Tracy said she would expose him as not being the Ashton family heir if he did not. They didn't find it and Larry and Arielle left town.

He lost his title when Charlie Prince turned out to be the real heir. Larry returned to Port Charles in 1991. He formed a cartel to control global business with carbon disulphide. To achieve their goals, they thought it would be best for Paul Hornsby to marry Tracy to take over her stock of ELQ. Killing her was an option to get control of her stock. The cartel was discovered and put to an end by the Port Charles Police Department.

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